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today’s work environment is a knowledge based one. But when faced with challenges at work  we do not have both the technical know how and initiative to act, there is more often a tendency to bulk pass these tasks  to others,  failing to realize that if we develop the skill or self-knowledge through self study and self effort, it would help us become better employees, team leads and even managers.

The workplace is fast becoming one where as employee’s climb up in  hierarchy they tend to forego most of their technical skills and trade it off for political one’s (office politics) and in the long run forget the know-how, skills and information that will be useful in making certain business changing decisions.

In a nutshell, in today’s technologically driven workplace, knowledge is key, most importantly is how you able to apply that know-how to practical instances at the workplace to deliver value added results.

Come to think of it, several year’s back people had limited knowledge about computers, the internet, and social media. But now everyone is computer literate. With forums and online communities, you can find answers to questions you think have no answers, a solution to an unsolved challenge.

For today’s generation, these technologies are a way of life, a given….