Oaknet Solution

Cloud Infrastructure & Application Analyst

Dates Employed Dec 2018 – Present

• Support Microsoft 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Power BI.
• Support IT Infrastructure components (switches, routers) and Identify common dependencies.
• Support and evaluation of new security technologies on Azure.
• Provide Technical Support for networks, databases, and applications.
• Maintain availability and compliance of networks, databases, and applications.
• Backup, Performance Tuning, and Optimization of databases.
• Administer and maintain user access controls and procedures to prevent unauthorized access.
• Implement Identity and User Access Management.
• Plan and Prepare infrastructure security policies and standards.
• Identify and analyze security policy, standards violations, and threats.
• Implement appropriate response measures to security threats.
• Compile and generate security access reports (systems, networks, databases) on a weekly basis.
• Build on-premise solutions for clusters and patterns.
• Define enterprise cloud and digital strategies.
• Deliver proof-of-concept types of projects.
• Develop and implement cloud/web solutions and database-driven applications.
• Develop and Deploy Integration Services (SSIS) Projects and Packages.
• Build and Deliver BI analytics performance dashboards.
• Manage Extranet and Corporate web presence.
• Helpdesk conflict/problem resolution and technical documentation.
• Troubleshoot and resolve Azure, Database services, User and Mail accessibility issues.
• Plan and Prepare infrastructure Budget (Opex and Capex).