First City Monument Bank Limited

Team Lead, Bespoke Business Applications

Dates Employed Dec 2013 – Dec 2018

• Support Bespoke Business Applications running .Net and Other Server-Side Technologies.
• Incident Management, Issues Resolution & Root Cause Analysis of all Bespoke Applications.
• Deploy Bespoke Web Applications on IIS6, IIS7, Azure VM’s, App Services.
• Bespoke Applications Availability Monitoring, Performance & Vulnerability Testing.
• Support & Administration of SharePoint Server 2013, Team Foundation Server 2013.
• Support, Administration, Customization & Configuration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.
• Web services Development & Testing using SOAPUI and Webservice Studio.
• Manage security assessment of Bespoke Applications & apply vulnerability fixes to ensure compliance.
• Implement HTTP(s) protection for Bespoke Web Applications.
• Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse Database Administration and User Access Control.
• Teradata CIM User and Campaign Administration.
• Data Migration, Implementation & Integration of CMDM (Customer Master Data Manager) in Data Cleansing & Governance Project.
• Developed an online debit card request application to facilitate Teradata CIM email marketing campaign.
• Built account reactivation application and BackOffice Portal to facilitate account reactivation digital marketing email campaign.
• Technical Lead, migration of FCMB Group Websites & Retail Banking Internet application to Azure Cloud Azure App Services.
• Database & Applications Lead, FCMB CRM, and Enterprise Data Warehouse Project.
• Managing Business expectations, facilitating communication, and contributing to Business satisfaction during Flex Mobile App implementation.

Team Lead, Non-Banking Applications

Dates Employed May 2008 – Nov 2013

• Design and maintain database architecture, data structures, tables, data dictionaries for all non-banking applications
• Perform operational and preventive maintenance of backups, recovery procedures for database applications.
• Implement and administer database documentation, guidelines, policies and procedures.
• Provide technical and server support for usability issues for all critical non-banking da applications used bank-wide.
• Provide technical application support for Oracle e-business suite(HRMS), Moody, SAS Enterprise Risk Solution
• Server administration, tuning and performance monitoring for critical databases used by all non-banking applications.
• Monitor and Ensure 98% availability of all critical databases for non-banking applications used bank-wide.
• Create, update, and maintain corporate website pages for FCMB and its subsidiaries, using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
• Assist with design efforts for site pages and content archival. Maintain internal tools for managing site structure,
news data, and photos.
• Provide technical support for usability issues and critical website and web host problems.
• Code and develop SQL maintenance scripts, jobs, SSIS packages for databases used for data transformation between applications.
• Develop ad-hoc reports for workflow and approval process application used bank-wide using its in-built reporting tool.
• Patch management and features upgrade of certain non-banking database applications.
• Team member implementation of FCMB’s database Workflow application.
• Team member during the implementation of several non-banking database-driven applications used bank-wide.
• Preparing technical training and process documentation for the team, to aid with day-to-day support issues.

E-business Application Support Officer

Dates EmployedMay 2006 – May 2008

• Provide technical and server support for usability issues for FCMB Internet banking application.
• Provide technical and server support for usability issues for Etranzact Mobile Application.
• Postilion and ATM Channels availability management.
• Administration, tuning and performance monitoring of critical databases for e-business applications.
• Monitor and Ensure 95% availability of all e-business channel applications bank-wide.
• Provide technical support for usability issues and critical site problems.
• E-business applications Patch management and features upgrade.
• Develop weekly/monthly/quarterly uptime report for channels applications.
• Manage Client, Advisor escalations of e-business channel application.
• Preparing technical and process documentation for support issues.