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The 21st century, are we there yet?
Come to think of it, we are probably there, seeing as how technological innovations have sprung up and how everything is been done at the speed of light.

Technology seems to have pushed past it limits, which are only imposed by our imagination. Information processing, collection and distribution of data gets much more better,efficient and faster every year.

But really how far can it get, probably only so far, as technologists believe not in limits, but suffice to say nature itself dictate that some limits cannot be surpassed.

Today, data can be transferred at about 100 terabits per second, by encoding it in laser beams; thats a 1Gig per second internet connection, probably not available in nigeria, but it does exist.

Physics 101; nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, but it seems that with a laser beam used as the medium for data transfer information can travel that fast.

As the speed of data tranfer improves, processing power has not been left unchanged,its on the verge too. The Cray titan, a supercomputer has a peak performance of about 10 raised to the power 16 floating point operations per second, however this processing speed is dependent on power.

Sooner or later my laptop might be able to process data that fast, seeing that Quad core tech chips are now available on laptops

At this rate (improvement technologically), i’d definitely say the answer to the question; are we there yet? is i think we’ve gone past.