girl reading

Peace; freedom from disturbance, or the cessation of war or violence; quiet and tranquility
Love; an intense feeling of deep affection, a person or thing that one loves, a feeling of deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).

Life begets these 2 element, peace and love, but which come’s first…. wondering in awe
I can’t say if I’ve personally experienced both simultaneously, but i’d definitely agree with their meaning, but at some point in your life time, you’ve experienced either, just that it may only last for a while, but a while most cherished, an unforgettable moment that may last a life time in your mind; that nah if stress or some personal issue no wipe am away.

But the reality of it all is that these 2 blokes do exist and you can actually lead a life of peace and love, and it doesn’t have to depend on anything or anyone, just live the life and do the things that make you happiest.

So Cheerio folks… PEACE & LOVE!!!