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MySQL, The world’s most popular open source database is a prominent RDMBS (Relational Database Management System) , used mostly by alot of Php web solutions on the internet.

Statistics from Gartner Group on Database Installations and Deployment Plans – 2008.

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From small beginnings to big accomplishments, oracle acquries it in 2009 in an acquisition deal valued at $7.4 billion.

Big Data: As the world’s most popular open source database, and the most deployed database in the web and cloud, MySQL is a key component of many big data platforms, Hadoop – Big data integration vendor estimates 80% of deployments are integrated with MySQL.

SAS is using MySQL as it RDBMS to Generate Dynamic Descriptive and Analytic Statistical Web Reports

MySQL 5.6 What’s New
The 5.6 version builds on the momentum of 5.5, and Oracle’s investment and commitment to MySQL, by delivering better performance and scalability.

New Features

  • Optimizer improvements for all-around query performance.
  • InnoDB improvements for higher transactional throughput.
  • New NoSQL-style memcached APIs.
  • Partitioning improvements for querying and managing huge tables.
  • Replication improvements covering many aspects.
  • Better performance monitoring by expanding the data available through the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.

In articles to come, I will be talking about each of these improvements and what oracle has to offer in the 5.6 flavor of MySQL.