Dubai is a fabulous city; if you have ever visited, its large shopping malls and numerous tourist attractions create a feeling of awe.
While on a trip to Cyprus, Larnaca in transit via Dubai, to kill time I spent the entire hour listening to an audio book titled Leadership Dubai Style by Dr Tommy Weir.

My thoughts; a simply fascinating good read, One that everyone who would like to be a good leader, or who is currently in any leadership role should read.

The summary of it all is that it describes the leadership style that was used to build Dubai, one that to be truthful has made it one of the most successful cities.

That said, it goes further to portray how; by listing a series of habits, one if followed religiously will and could lead to success in leadership.

Here’s an extract that summarizes 5 of some of the habits from the book;

  1. Habit 1 – Hello Tomorrow. Be a visionary leader by focusing on the future. Think Tomorrow.
  2. Habit 2 – Come One, Come All. Create an environment that will help others succeed. Good leadership means helping others succeed. – Success Begets Success.
  3. Habit 3 – The Hub. Stick with the strategy. Plan your core strategy and stick with it. Never give up on the original vision.
  4. Habit 4 – Hunger of Need/Habit. Let the desire for a need drive your focus to achieve a goal, thus becoming a strong habit. Become addicted to a habit of achieving.
  5. Habit 5 – Follow the Leader. Act decisively and get better action, think strong outcome based result oriented, caring and collaborative autocratic leadership.You don’t have to be jerky when doing this, don’t be a LINO – Leaders In Name Only.Be stubborn on vision but flexible in execution. Think what is to be accomplished.

In retrospect to 2016, i think applying these habits to ones life style in 2017 will go a long way… so cheers to everyone 2017 is a better year.

In the interim I will be re-listening to the book again this time on