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Most small business owners feel that the only way you can effectively get something done right in the business place is by doing it yourself (DIY).

Truly this can be very tasking, most especially if you’ve got loads of chores to do.

Solution: Delegate stuff to your subordinates or employees, How??? by doing the following;

Firstly, document your business/work process: every work or task in a business follows a process,document these processes such that in a situation where an employee lacks the knowledge, all he simply has to do is go through the documentation. Ensure that the steps required are properly documented and are detailed stating the procedures to be carried out. The documentation could be in form of a manual, a pictorial walkthrough, a detailed checklist or even a video tutorial.

Secondly, document decision making; If you want to extricate yourself from these decision making, write down the decision-making criteria you implicitly use.

And lastly, create a schedule, a list of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks that need to be done for each role in your business or company.