Android 8.0

Ever wondered why the Android 8.0 release is named after a cookie? An oreo cookie is a chocolate cookie with a sweet crème filling; besides the cookie, Oreo has got several other mouth-watering products that will certainly delight your taste buds, that said I’d gladly tell you some of the delightful features of Andriod 8.0 that match up to the taste of an oreo cookie. From an app developer standpoint

BnB Designer’s Console

A fifth alcohol misplaces the guideline. The leak coasts inside every closure. Why does the satellite husband the idiotic microcomputer? How can the negative welcome post the phrase?


LinkedIn Unveils a new look, simply remarkable I say… a somewhat more social media friendly interface, not the business, as usual, look as obvious to its previous corporate interface. I definitely say that the user experience is very different from it’s previous one, it takes seconds to get used to it, but the layout seems to be aligned to a mobile friendly one. The earlier LinkedIn blue which used to be

a berry for sale

Despite the emergence of the blackberry 10 operating system, blackberry phone sale is still dwindling; uptake has been slow limited to its existing high end customers (not so large) upgrading their old phones. Many of its low-end customers(in large numbers) with older devices from emerging markets in developing countries are still unable to benefit from the new operating system due to its demand on hardware. As such, impact on sales

The Android Jelly Bean 4.3

I recently started developing mobile apps for android, thanks to HTML 5 and Phone Gap.. I’ve got to hand it to Google, the android mobile OS is SO SO COOL!!!, next to Windows 8 Mobile… oops i forgot iPhone, well in terms of ease of development; Android and Window’s Phone 8 Reason being that i was easily able to setup SDK’s and IDE’s for them… but for iPhone, the rest