Ever wondered why the Android 8.0 release is named after a cookie?
An oreo cookie is a chocolate cookie with a sweet crème filling; besides the cookie, Oreo has got several other mouth-watering products that will certainly delight your taste buds, that said I’d gladly tell you some of the delightful features of Andriod 8.0 that match up to the taste of an oreo cookie.

From an app developer standpoint here are some features.

  1. Adaptive icons: With this, you can provide a full-bleed square shaped icon in your apps and ensure intra-device consistency, which allows the display of a variety of shapes across different device models.
  2. Downloadable fonts: Lets you no longer need to bundle your apps with custom fonts, this helps to greatly reduce your app size.
  3. Native C/C++ API: for high performance audio, 8.0 includes native C/C++ audio API

Besides being smarter, faster, and more powerful than ever, testing apps for compatibility with Oreo is SWEET!!!
simply download a device system image, install your current app, and presto! begin the test in areas you feel may affect your app, then update your code and publish using your current platform targeting.

And yet despite the goodies,  then came Android Pie…

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” …Peter F. Drucker