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I am a Savvy IT professional with expertise in applications development, databases, application and software support, operating systems software, computer networks, software applications implementation and configuration, web and internet technologies.


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The Path to Digital Transformation

With Over 2.5billion mobile devices and more worldwide, it is clear the way to go for most businesses is digital. The big question is, how do you drive your business or organization towards the digital transformation path. Are you already building a digital brand using social media platforms, are you optimizing your web presence using […]
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Recently I’ve been doing a comparison between Office365 and G-suite and a realization hit me, oh my gosh, they are opposite sides of the same coin, (as if any IT support analyst didn’t already know that). From an enterprise end, as an implementer and decision maker one can clearly see; mail, unified communication, and collaboration […]
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Android 8.0

Ever wondered why the Android 8.0 release is named after a cookie? An oreo cookie is a chocolate cookie with a sweet crème filling; besides the cookie, Oreo has got several other mouth-watering products that will certainly delight your taste buds, that said I’d gladly tell you some of the delightful features of Andriod 8.0 […]
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LinkedIn Unveils a new look, simply remarkable I say… a somewhat more social media friendly interface, not the business, as usual, look as obvious to its previous corporate interface. I definitely say that the user experience is very different from it’s previous one, it takes seconds to get used to it, but the layout seems to […]
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Testing Local SMTP functionality - SMTP4Dev Vs. PaperCut

Testing SMTP functionality in applications can be a pain, especially when you don’t have access to an enterprise SMTP server. Even if you do have access to an SMTP server in your enterprise IT infrastructure, there’s the issue of antispam protection, Emails with zip files get marked as malware and don’t get to your inbox, […]
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The Path t...

With Over 2.5billion mobile devices and more worldwide, it is Read More...


Recently I've been doing a comparison between Office365 and G-suite Read More...