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I am a Savvy IT professional with expertise in applications development, databases, application and software support, operating systems software, computer networks, software applications implementation and configuration, web and internet technologies.


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LinkedIn Unveils a new look, simply remarkable I say… a somewhat more social media friendly interface, not the business, as usual, look as obvious to its previous corporate interface. I definitely say that the user experience is very different from it’s previous one, it takes seconds to get used to it, but the layout seems to […]
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Testing Local SMTP functionality - SMTP4Dev Vs. PaperCut

Testing SMTP functionality in applications can be a pain, especially when you don’t have access to an enterprise SMTP server. Even if you do have access to an SMTP server in your enterprise IT infrastructure, there’s the issue of antispam protection, Emails with zip files get marked as malware and don’t get to your inbox, […]
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Dubai is a fabulous city; if you have ever visited, its large shopping malls and numerous tourist attractions create a feeling of awe. While on a trip to Cyprus, Larnaca in transit via Dubai, to kill time I spent the entire hour listening to an audio book titled Leadership Dubai Style by Dr Tommy Weir. […]
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The Sales Process - How it works in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The sales process starts from acquiring a new lead through until the close of a sale. Microsoft Dynamics CRM stores the contact information for new leads, with the capability of tracking the follow-up communications (such as Phone Calls, Emails, and Appointments), and the ability to qualify a Lead into an Account, Contact, and Opportunity. It keeps Leads in a […]
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Banking on CRM dynamics

World-class customer experiences begin with your people. By giving your people the right tools to boost their productivity as well as amplify their impact, they can drive your organisation or business to achieve its goals, objective and generate maximum return (ROI). With microsoft Dynamics CRM, financial services and organisation can boost customer retention, proactively manage […]
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LinkedIn Unveils a new look, simply remarkable I say... a Read More...

Testing Lo...

Testing SMTP functionality in applications can be a pain, especially Read More...